Step-by-Step Order Process

1: Reach out to Tempa about project

 Reach out to me via e-mail

Please include this information:

  • Type of item you wish to personalize
  • Whether you have the item (the "blank") already
  • General idea of design you'd like
  • Size of item needed (if you'd like me to provide the blank)
  • Whether you want to do shipping or porch pick-up (I'm in Wake Forest, NC)
  • Timeframe you need the item completed

2: Initial Estimate

I will respond to you with initial ideas for your design. I will provide a rough estimate of cost and estimated timeframe to completion. Often I will already have in stock blanks that can be used for your project,

3: Get Item to Tempa

You get the item to me, either by shipping or porch pick-up (or if you want to use blanks I keep in stock).

4: Final Proof

I will send you a photo of the item with a proof of your design against the item and the colors. This way, you can know what to expect, how the item will look.

5: Confirm Proof, Payment

You respond with Yes/No and any changes you may need. At this point, your affirmative response and your payment processing will get me stitching!

6: Item Complete!

Once your item is completed, I will send you a finished product photo, then either ship it to you or place out for porch pick-up.

All sound good?

If so, it's time to schedule your completed project pickup time!

Ready to schedule your appointment?

Have you familiarized yourself with the Step-by-Step process for personalizing customer-provided items? Are you aware of the common cost for your scope of work? Has Tempa said you're good to go with your project?

If so, please explore below and book your appointment! Remember, this is for the date that you will be picking up your completed item. These appointments are all for Fridays, and Tempa typically requires the item/blank being dropped off the Monday morning prior to the pickup timeslot.